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Python version not recognized

BeitragVerfasst: Mittwoch 1. Januar 2020, 00:37
von maren551
I am a Linux Fedora user and on a new computer just installed Fedora 31. The gui installation under FC 31 failed, telling me that it wants python 2.5 or higher and not v3. But, although python3 is part of FC 31 and automatically installed I set the path to the additional python 2.7.16. >> pyrhon --version even tells me that. But still I get the same error message. Any other advice how to get theli-gui up and running?

Re: Python version not recognized

BeitragVerfasst: Freitag 3. Januar 2020, 14:08
von mischa
Hi Maren,

please change your preferences such that when you invoke "python" on the command line, it selects python v2 and not python v3.

As I am no longer providing support for THELI v2, you can also use the latest release of THELI v3, available here:
It is still in beta-stage, with occasional crashes, but overall working well. What type of imaging data do you want to reduce?


Re: Python version not recognized

BeitragVerfasst: Montag 20. Januar 2020, 23:36
von maren551
Hi Mischa,
ich habe einen Satz UKIRT data, die ich mir nochmal vornehmen moechte.
Und danke, ich versuche es mit Theli v3.