Problem with splitting/header

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Problem with splitting/header

Beitragvon hayraddin » Mittwoch 23. Dezember 2015, 20:40

Ok, first of all let me introduce myself, my name is Alejandro. I'm finishing my bachelor of Physics in Leipzig, my main focus is Astronomy and I'm currently working on my bachelor thesis(which is based in astronomy, studying a recurrent nova close to M31 core). I've been 1 week as an intern in Tautenburg-TLS observatory, and I've taken some data, from catalogs and observations made there.

There I was taught how to do some data reduction, using MIDAS and SExtractor I learnt most of the process included Astrometry calibration using But I didnt quite learn how to do Photometry, and I found MIDAS to be a bit outdated. So once at home I decided I would check what other options were available to see if there is more updated options out there and I found Python for astronomy and this Theli pipeline. I decided to give it a try, I can program a bit in python so that could help.

After fighting a bit to install Theli in Ubuntu 15.10, I think I managed to install it, the gui runs from the terminal. Then I tried to make it work in my images from M31 taken in Tautenburg, including flats and bias frames. But I found my first problem, in the header of the fits files the EQUINOX field was sometimes 0, and that would give an error when trying to SPLIT/Modify the headers, so I made a small python script to modify the EQUINOX of those files to 2000.0 (I hope this is the correct thing to do).

This managed to do the trick, and now it runs and makes the new files, but here I find my second problem. The modified files, I can't open them in DS9. The only files I can open in DS9 are the FLAT and BIAS created by Theli from scratch. But the header modified files and the science files are somehow corrupted and won't open in DS9.

This is the error I get when trying to open them with DS9 from the terminal:

ale@ale-laptop:~/Documents/2014_aug/science$ ds9 PF0054_1OFC.fits &
[1] 10527
ale@ale-laptop:~/Documents/2014_aug/science$ !! AST: Error at line 3599 in file fitsimage.C.
! astInitZoomMap(ZoomMap): A zoom factor of zero is not allowed.

I'm lost on what to do now, by the logs they seem to be flat corrected but I can't open them in DS9 to check.
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Re: Problem with splitting/header

Beitragvon mischa » Donnerstag 24. Dezember 2015, 10:37

Hi Alejandro,

the easiest would be if you could upload one of the RAW (unchanged) FITS files somewhere, including the splitting script you are using.
The latter would be the right place to make the necessary adjustments. I could then also inlcude the Tautenburg camera as a pre-defined instrument in the next release.
You may send these files directly to me, mschirme(at)


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Re: Problem with splitting/header

Beitragvon hayraddin » Donnerstag 24. Dezember 2015, 12:57

Ok thanks very much Mischa, I sent you the files by email.
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